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  • Meeting with families to discuss your child's progress and brainstorm ideas regarding goals, placement and long-term outcomes. 

  • Reviewing Individualized Education Plan (IEP) documents and other school records to help you understand your child's educational program.

  • Collaborating with teachers and related service providers (e.g. Speech, ABA, OT, PT, AAC) to identify strategies already in place, and to assist in creating consistency and communication between team members.

  • Attending IEP and 504 meetings to assist in communicating the family's point-of-view.

  • Providing follow-up support and general consultation as needed throughout the process.


  • Strategic consultation and evaluation of teachers, para-educators, and related service providers.

  • Focused in-service trainings for school staff across a variety of topics, including classroom/behavior management, data collection, goal writing and general IEP team building.

Extracurriculuar Programs

  • Providing stragtegic consultation to increase inclusivity for extracurricular activities including youth sports, afterschool programs, summer camps, etc.

  • Evaluating programs to determine accessibility for participants with disabilities

  • Training staff to work with participants with varying need.

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